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iCodeNature Marketing Services is fully owed service provided by iCodeNature Technology Solutions to the companies & startups to grow their online presence and promoting their products. We don't want to pressure our customers to work for promotion. Yes right, we will do it for you. Leave all the marketing load to us and you keep on working with your products or services.

We at iCodeNature Marketing Solutions provide various way to grow your business. Social Media and Search Engine are the two important services we provide under Marketing Solutions. We also have a great database of professionals & students from all over india.

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We provide various Marketing Solutions for our customers

Social Media

Search Engine

Email Marketing

Cross Market

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Google Marketing

Why Digital Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

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Social media is one of the most growing market of this century. Lots of customers are attracted by this platform. We are experts in this work, we will do it right for your business to profit your business from social media.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

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Search Engines are the major source for website promotions and attracting customers to your website. We at iCodeNature Marketing Solutions are experts at bringing customers to your website through search engines like google, yahoo, bing, msn, aol, etc.

Email Marketing

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Email is considered a direct way of promotion, as it delivers to the customers directly. Its easier to attract customers through emails. It does not even cost much & one of the greatest tools to promote your products or services to customers or consumers.

Other things we do for you

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Buy Databases/Details

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We have a huge collection of Emails and Mobile Numbers of students, professional and ecommerce customers. You can purchase these at a very nominal cost of 5000 Email & Mobile No at INR 500, with over 90% accuracy rate.

Become Partner with us

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Making a partnership with would be one of the greatest choice you can have for your business. We will promote your business and you will promote ours, without spending any money for promotion.

Services to any Business

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We at iCodeNature Marketing Solutions provide services to any kind of business whether it be Ecommerce, Educational, Consulting, Startups, NGO, etc. We help everyone to grow their presence and help them grow their business with us.


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